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Steps for Sponsoring Departments To Certify Yourself and Your Staff


Complete background checks (within 12 months of the program) on all volunteers or anyone who is not a Purdue employee or student.


You and your staff/volunteers should receive training on:

  1. Youth Safety
  2. Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

NOTE: There are 3 options for training:

  1. Faculty, staff and students of the University may access online training offered through the Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance. Follow the instructions for completing the training and certification quiz on Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention and Response.
  2. For individuals not employed by or enrolled at the University, training can be fulfilled by:
    1. Reviewing the Guidelines for Youth Safety and Working with Minors.
    2. Following the instructions to complete the certification quiz.
  3. A sponsor may provide its own training to Program Staff as long as it covers, at minimum, youth safety and the mandatory reporting requirements in Indiana.


Safeguards to put in place prior to or at the start of the program:

  1. The Sponsor has a list of all program participants (for programs where registration of participants is required) and Program Staff, including current emergency contact information, and has a plan in place for notifying parents or legal guardians in the event of an emergency. Please note that the Purdue University Risk Management Office must be notified following an emergency.
  2. All appropriate permission forms, liability waivers, media releases and medical treatment authorization forms for minors participating in the program have been obtained and are on file with the Sponsor. These forms should be safeguarded and readily available.
  3. Arrangements have been made to ensure all activities involving minors will be supervised by the child's parent or legal guardian or an appropriate ratio of Program Staff at all times. If staying in University housing, a plan for supervision of minors while in University housing has been approved by the applicable campus housing authority.


Register and certify the program through Risk Management and the Office of Ethics and Compliance. Please remember, that background checks, training, and safeguards must be completed BEFORE the program is registered.

These are the things that you are certifying when you submit that form.

  1. You certify that all Program Staff have passed the minimum background check requirements as outlined in the Procedures for Programs Involving Minors.
  2. You certify that all Program Staff have completed training on Youth Safety and Mandatory Reporting in Indiana within the 24-month period preceding the start of the program as required by the Procedures for Programs Involving Minors.
  3. You certify that the safeguards outlined in section X (the Checklist) of the Procedures for Programs Involving Minors have been put in place.